Sunday, January 8, 2017

Emoji Mania - A Fashion Trend

It seems as though everyone is going crazy about emojis at the moment whether it's adding emoji fashion patches to clothes or using shoes, bags and other accessories to add some fun emoji magic.

In a hurry?  ===> Go Straight to some FUN Emoji Fashion Accessories!

If you're not wearing an emoji in some way then you are not on trend!

My favorite ways of adding a fun fashion trend like this is with accessories so let's look at a few of the fashion accessories that really embrace emojis -

Anya Hindmarch Crossover Bag with Shoulder Strap
Anya Hindmarch offers a few fun crossover bags like the one pictured above and also has the fun leather shoulder strap available which is a fun addition to this bag that takes full advantage of this fashion trend.   If it looks like too much emoji for one outfit then you can just leave the chain strap on this bag instead, but I do like the combination.

Although the likes of Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Gucci have all embraced adding emojis to their clothing I think adding a few of these accessories to your existing wardrobe (whether it's a bulging homage to fashion or a capsule wardrobe) is a great way of getting the look without spending a lot of money for a trend that may well be short lived.

Having said that some cheap, fun emoji t-shirts might be a nice addition as well.

Here's a few of my favorite emoji fashion accessories -

You can even have fun with keychains too - we all know that big keychains are very on-trend at the moment so why not combine the two trends with this cool Pacman inspired one - yes it even has a retro feel!

Isn't it a fun piece - I was hoping for one at Christmas, but alas it looks like I'll have to get one myself :)

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bomber Jackets to Die For!

This season the bomber jacket is a must have for your winter wardrobe, but there are lots of different styles of bomber jacket to choose from.   Here's six bomber jackets that all have their own different looks and if you can't find at least one of these that will blend in well with your wardrobe, well.......maybe you need a whole new wardrobe!

Classic Black Bomber Jacket

Let's first look at the classic black bomber jacket, although this one has a very on-trend fur trim along with quilted patches which gives a nod to the retro fashion it came from.

Georgina Bomber Jacket - a Fur Collared Quilted Patch Black Bomber Jacket
Click the picture for more information or to purchase!

Retro Pilot Inspired Bomber Jacket

The olive green of this bomber jacket harks back to a retro Top Gun inspired jacket so if you're ready to 'get your 80s on' then this bomber jacket is perfect!

The embroidered patches helps to accentuate the retro feel of this cool jacket.

Patch Detail MA1 Bomber Jacket - a retro feel bomber jacket
Click on the picture for more information or to purchase!

Glamorous Bomber Jackets - It's All About The Sparkle!

I've found two bomber jackets that I think of as a little glam, one is silver so great if you're following the metallic trend this season, the other uses sequins which are always fun!

Stripe Sequin Bomber Jacket

Topshop has taken the monochromic approach to this bomber jacket and has included the popular black and white stripes with dazzling sequins to add to the glam factor.   The ribbed cuffs give it a sporty feel which means you can wear this bomber jacket day or night!

Stripe Sequin Bomber Jacket - a little bit of glam, a little bit sporty and a whole lot of style!
Click on the picture for more information and/or to buy it!

Silver Quilted Bomber Jacket

Brought to you by none other than Saint Laurent this quilted metallic leather bomber jacket is described as a high shine bomber jacket from the label's 80s infused Fall 16 collection.

It's designed for a slightly looser fit which makes it perfect for layering and is perfect over an all black evening look to add a little bit of glamorous shine!

Saint Laurent Metallic Bomber Jacket - a high shine silver glam bomber jacket!
Click for more information and/or to buy!

Faux Fur Bomber Jackets

Faux Fur is very on-trend at the moment and it can look great when combined with the bomber jacket look as I'll show you here.   You could just get a faux fur lined collar on your bomber jacket or you can add a little 'je n'ais ce pas' with one of these two jackets.....

This first faux fur bomber jacket is available in burgundy a very warm color that's very on-trend for this season and perfect for a look of warmth throughout winter.

Faux Fur Bomber Jacket
Click on the picture for more information and/or to purchase!

If you're after a faux fur bomber jacket, but you aren't really feeling the metallic or deep jewel colors of the season then what about a neutral colored faux fur bomber jacket with a casual, boho chic feel to it?

Now before you think neutral is boring, let me tell you there's nothing boring about this jacket.  It's ombre, shaggy and it makes you just want to reach out and touch it.   I can't wait to try it on!

Ombre Faux Fur Bomber Jacket
Click the picture for more information and/or to buy it!

So which of these fun bomber jackets to you want this season?  Personally I want two of them - yes I know I'm greedy, but.....the classic black Georgina is a great bomber jacket that will fit beautifully into my wardrobe whereas the ombre faux fur is a jacket that I have fallen in love with!

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Beach Fashion

Want to look great at the beach this year?  Here's some of the great looks to make you sizzle in the sun whether you're rocking retro trousers or boho dresses.

Cover Up With This Long Top & Sun Hat

Seventies Inspired Beach Babe

The stand out piece of this ensemble is the Seventies inspired top with the plunging V neckline.   The long sleeves with buttoned cuffs and the rounded hem gives an effortlessly, feminine silhouette.   The big sun hat just adds to a 70s glam look, while the shorts bring it all together in a very on-trend 2016 beach look.

Shop the Products:-

All Over You Deep V
Cut Off Shorts
Holiday Straw Panama Hat

Boho Inspired Beach Goddess

Boho Inspired Beach Worshiper

This is a very boho inspired beach outfit with a boho print wide legged crinkle pants with an asymmetrical hem.  Added to these relaxed looking pants is a very on-trend crochet crop top to show off your well toned ready for the beach body.

Shop the Products:-

Gypsy Princess Beach Wear

Tribal Inspired Summer Outfit

The main piece of this gypsy princess inspired outfit is the midi dress.   The midi dress is a light weight gauzy cotton dress perfect for the heat of summer.   A strapless dress it features crochet detailing which is very on-trend again this year along with cutouts and tribal inspired trim.   

The ombre shimmer kimono over the top of this dress is perfect for taking it from the day on the beach to the evening at the Luau Bar.   Added to this is the jewelry, lots of bangles on both wrists add to both a tribal feel and a boho feel, both of which are on-trend.   The Cosmopolitan Sandals add more glitter which helps to pull the whole look together.

Shop the Products:-

Beach Party Babe

Get ready to party on the beach with this cool beach babe look.

Beach Party Outfit

I'm not sure that any piece is really the stand out piece in this ensemble, the way it all comes together like is like an "I just pulled this on" look that actually took a while to plan!   I think the addition of the crochet shawl is what gives this look a very beachy, boho vibe.   If you lost the shawl then the outfit underneath would look much more like a clubbing outfit.

Unfortunately this particular top is out of stock and I can't find an alternative stockist at the moment, but there are a number of other white tops which would work really well like - this one in the white or even this one in white, alternatively you probably have a white top already that could work really well.

The lace up shorts round out the outfit and the jewelry brings it home.   Combine your favorite choker with a more delicate bolo necklace to get the featured jewelry look.

Shop the Products:-

I hope you've enjoyed some of these cool beach inspired looks for this summer brought to you from one of my favorite stores - Free People.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Must Have Party Dresses for this Holiday Season

Gorgeous Party Dresses to Wow Everyone!

There are some great party dresses available for this season, but I've narrowed them down to four dresses that will make you look good and stay on trend this holiday season.

We have the obligatory little black dress which every girl needs at least one of to get through any holiday season.

Next we're going metallic with both a gold dress and a silver dress picked. Metallics are really hot this season so these dresses are right on trend.

To round out my top four picks I'm going with an injection of blue, I'll admit a bias as I love the color blue, but I think you'll fall in love with this dress as it's very 'structural' in look and would stand out no matter what color it was in........the blue does seem to make it 'pop' even more though.

Let's have a look at some of the fantastic party dresses available for this party season....

A Show Stopping Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress - Party Dress
Premium Feather Skirt Plunge Dress
If you though the little black dress was last decade then you haven't seen this standout party dress......

Brought to you from the premium range at Missguided this black mini dress is designed to ensure all eyes will be on you when you're in the room.

The black feather skirt details are the part of the dress that I think makes it stand out the best, but what do you think?

Some would say that the figure hugging stretch fabric that flatters your figure is the best part of the dress and others would point to the deep plunge neckline.

Add some heels and a black clutch and you're ready to style the night away!

Heart Stopping Metallic Fringe Party Dress in Gold

Metallic Party Dress | Gold Fringe Dress
Premium Metallic Fringe Dress
Metallics in all forms are going to be hot this season whether you use them to accessorize or in dress form like this beautiful gold dress.

I love the fringe on this dress that extends beyond the mini dress that it adorns, it gives a nod to the roaring 20s, but it's very modern.

If you're planning on tearing up the dance floor then this is the party dress for you because the fringe will move as you move and will have anyone watching captivated.

Add some strappy gold heels and you will be the most glamorous looking person in the room.

Glam Matte Sequin Midi Party Dress in Silver

Silver Matte Sequin Party Dress
Premium Matte Sequin Midi Dress
Also offering a hint of the metallic trend and from Missguided's premium range comes this sequin midi dress in silver. There really is something about silver that just exudes glamor, don't you think?

Marilyn Monroe wore a long silver evening dress in style and was photographed many times, this midi length silver party dress could make you feel like the paparazzi was at the party just for you! I love the idea of a sequinned party dress for the glitzy holidays so this is definitely a winner in my book.

The high neck with the cut out back details is incredibly flattering and the result is an absolutely knockout party dress.

Matte sequins are incredibly on-trend right now and I'd pair this dress with a pair of silver or nude heels and leave all of your jewelry at home - this dress adds just the right amount of bling all by itself.

Cut Out Strappy Bandage Party Dress in Blue

Blue Bandage Party Dress
Premium Cut Out Strappy Bandage Dress
This gorgeous blue mini dress really stands out because of the details. Made from a thick premium bandage fabric this dress is seriously figure flattering and will leave you with a saucy silhouette as you party the night away.

From the back the dress just looks like a regular bandage dress in a gorgeous shade of blue, but when you turn to the side or front the cut out details tell the story and people will not be able to take their eyes off of you.

I would simply add a pair of nude heels to this outfit as I wouldn't want to distract attention away from the dress at all, this is another time when jewelry could be distracting except maybe some sculptural looking ear rings in the same blue as the dress.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ribbed Knitted Dress - A Must Have Fashion Piece for Fall/Winter 2015

When it comes to great street fashion this fall and winter, there's one thing that you didn't know you needed - a ribbed knit dress!

Yes, the jumper dress is back in style and it's never looked better. You can see the likes of Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham sporting it so you know it must be right on trend.

There are a few different styles to choose from, but the most popular seems to be the high neck rib knitted dress which can be worn by itself or teamed up with a tailored jacket. Personally I like the look of a black ribbed maxi dress teamed with a black fedora style hat, ankle boots and a denim jacket for a mix of downtown street style and uptown sophistication style.

Of course not everyone likes the high neck look so you can try a round neck, off shoulder, cold shoulder or even a roll neck style. The key to this fashion piece is that it's knitted, here's a few of our picks for you.......

So how will you rock this look?
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Plaid Look

Plaid Looks for The Street

Great Street Fashion for You

We're getting our plaid on today with these pieces to add to your wardrobe.

plaid fashion | tartan fashion

The use of plaid in fashion at the moment combines the grunge look of the nineties with the punk movement of the late 70s, early 80s and the look is one with a bit of an edge that's perfect for young street fashion.

You can use any of the pieces featured above or just add a plaid scarf into the mix to make sure that you have a little bit of this pattern in your wardrobe this season.

The Plaid Shirt Jacket is available from Forever 21 - click here.

The Longline Plaid Shirt is available from Forever 21 - click here.

The Curved Hem Tartan Plaid Tank is available from Forever 21 - click here.

The Printed Scottish Plaid Leggings are available from Amazon - click here.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

5 Colorful Sophia Webster Sandals

Colorful Sandals to Add Style to Your Summer Wardrobe

Sophia Webster has brought us some lovely sandals to add to our summer wardrobe which add a pop of color and interest, here's five of my favorites.

Sophia Webster's 'Chiara' Sandals

Sophia Webster's signature 'Chiara' sandals are designed with whimsical mint and black butterfly wings on the heels.

Pops of neon orange and shimmering silver help to accent them and make them stand out which is why they work so well with a neutral wardrobe to add a bit of a surprise to people.

The stiletto heel and simple band across the top of your toes is a very simple elegant style of shoe that you could wear day or night.

Let's look at it in more detail -

Sophia Webster Chiara Sandals

Sophia Webster's 'Ida' Pumps

Sophia Webster's 'Ida' pumps are crafted from smooth white leather and printed with a neon-orange, neon-green and black camouflage pattern.

This elegant T-bar pair is trimmed with clear PVC at the toe - it creates the illusion that the strap is floating.

The glossy patent heel gives you height without compromising on comfort.

Again these shoes make a statement by themselves so are best worn with neutrals, let's have a look at them in more detail -

Sophia Webster Ida Pumps

Sophia Webster's 'Lacey' Sandals

Sophia Webster's 'Lacey' sandals are crafted from shimmering baby-pink metallic leather and coated with a matte black, orange and pink camouflage pattern - the same pattern that's featured on the 'Ida' pumps, but a different color palette.

The lace-up front ensures a secure and personalized fit at every part of the foot, while the tall back makes them seem a liitle like booties which are very 'in' this summer.

Wear them with cropped pants or skirts to keep the tassels in view as they are an integral part of the design, let's look at them in more detail -

Sophia Webster Lacey sandals

Sophia Webster's 'Verity' sandals

Sophia Webster's 'Verity' sandals demonstrate the designer's fun and fresh approach to mixing color and texture.

This pair is crafted from patent-leather in magenta and black with bow-embellished orange matte-leather and polka-dot black and white calf hair straps, accented with jade vinyl fringing. They are certainly designed to stand out from the crowd!

As they are obviously seeking attention you should let them take center stage by pairing them with pared back outfits like the one pictured, a simple, conservative black and white ensemble.

Let's look at the 'Verity' sandals in more detail -

Sophia Webster's Verity Sandals

Sophia Webster's 'Liberty' sandals

Sophia Webster's bright and colorful 'Liberty' sandals are cut to frame and support your feet perfectly.

This pair is made from smooth leather playfully printed in a zigzag motif.

We say style them with rolled denim.

Sophia Webster's Liberty Sandals

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